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Everlywell and PlushCare both provide you with options for getting necessary health care services without leaving your house. Everlywell sells in-home testing kits for a broad range of allergies and viruses. PlushCare is a membership-based telehealth service whose physicians can diagnose and treat conditions and prescribe medications via phone or video consultations.

I. Which is best? Everlywell vs. PlushCare

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How Everlywell vs. PlushCare stack up

Compare Everlywell and PlushCare to other popular testing brands:

Methodology: Ratings are based on trust, cost, convenience, and comprehensive service. All test options use CLIA certified labs. Cost ratings are based on affordability compared to other testing options and insurance acceptance. Convenience is rated on the results time and testing location. Comprehensive service rates the number of available tests and the opportunity for physician support. Overall rating is an unweighted average of all rating factors.

II. Pros and Cons of Everlywell

What we like about Everlywell:

  • Has a subscription service that makes it easy to monitor your health.
  • All tests are sent to CLIA-certified labs and are reviewed by independent physicians.
  • Broad range of tests available.

The drawbacks of Everlywell:

  • Tests aren’t covered by health insurance and are ineligible for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Not available to New York residents.
  • Doesn’t replace medical treatment.

III. Pros and Cons of PlushCare

What we like about PlushCare:

  • Accepts health insurance from some carriers.
  • Free 30-day trials are available to new customers.
  • Addresses a broad range of issues, including routine care, support for chronic conditions, and urgent medical issues.

The drawbacks of PlushCare:

  • No walk-in clinics for in-person care.
  • Mental health services are only available in select states.
  • Doctor must submit an order for a lab test.

IV. What Do Everlywell and PlushCare Offer?

Everlywell and PlushCare both provide in-home health care services. Everlywell offers over 30 tests, ranging from comprehensive food sensitivity tests and STDs to heart health and HbA1c tests. All services are confidential and don’t require you to drive to a lab. Your results are reviewed by a board-certified physician and available within five business days.

PlushCare also offers home-based services. However, to get tested for an allergy or virus, you first have a virtual consultation with a physician who orders a test for you if necessary. You generally have to go to a lab to get tested. As with Everlywell, results are typically available within three to five business days.

Interested in one of these online test providers?


V. What Customers Say About Everlywell

Positive reviews about Everlywell

“A little too expensive, but serious company and good reports.” 

“Being able to monitor your own health with at home testing is a great way to stay healthy. Being able to check my cholesterol, thyroid levels, and hormone levels has helped me. I will be able to show my doctor all the test results at my next yearly routine check up.”

“The process to extract blood is pretty easy and the prepaid shipping package was also convenient. I received my results on their website 5 days after the lab received my kit. Overall a great experience.”

Negative reviews about Everlywell

“The directions can be conflicting as well between what they have online and what is included in your test kit. I gave up and will go get lab work done at my naturopath. A huge issue is they don’t offer phone support, only email support, which could take days to receive a response (if you do).” 

“I ordered a Lyme disease test in June, it was supposed to be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. It took 10. Then it was supposed to have results in 3 to 5 business days. It has been 17 and still have not received any results. Nor have I gotten any correspondence from them other than ads to purchase more tests.” 

“They’ve had my test kit back for two weeks now and I still don’t have my results. First it was 2-3 business days, then 4-6, then 8… it’s now been two weeks and still nothing. All I get is excuses… Not convinced I will ever get my results, and if I do I am not sure I’ll trust them given this.” 

VI. What Customers Say About PlushCare

Positive reviews about PlushCare

“So nice and easy to use! I was able to talk with a doctor within hours of signing on, and afterwards when I had a question via email it was answered almost immediately! Great service and I will use again if I need to!” 

“Absolutely the best medical appointment I’ve had in a long time. For starters, the doctor was on time. She asked questions, she answered questions, she advised… She was really great, understanding, and genuinely interested in helping me, not just getting me in and out quickly. I will definitely use PlushCare again.” 

“Booking an appointment is so easy and if you don’t have health insurance, they provide a discount card for you which was very helpful! All of the staff is wonderful and response time is quick.”  

Negative reviews about PlushCare

“I waited for over half an hour for my doctor to show up to the appointment, and he never did. I called the phone number on the website as it told me to, and no one ever answered. I had to leave a voicemail. Overall I am very dissatisfied with this service and will not be using it again.” 

“I never received the results from the sed test that was ordered for me. I was asked to provide a full medical history to the MD treating me, which I spent a good amount of time creating and then emailed in, and never heard back a thing about it.” 

“Paid for membership, booked and paid for appointment, doctor never showed! But they sure took payment from my account.” 

VII. Everlywell vs. PlushCare Bottom Line

Everlywell may be a good option if you’re looking for confidential in-home testing without having to go through your doctor or don’t have health insurance. It features a broad range of tests and advertises quick turnaround times, though many reviewers note difficulties in getting their results back promptly.

PlushCare provides high-quality medical services from the convenience of your smartphone or computer and can be used for obtaining birth control, antibiotics, or referrals for specialists. While some reviewers report hidden fees and unexpected costs, many note the care and professionalism of the doctors and the thoroughness of the appointment.