I. Best At-Home Food Allergy Tests

Best At-Home Food Allergy Tests BadgeTo choose our top five at-home food allergy tests, we evaluated popular candidates in the industry on three fundamental factors: testing method, safety and security, and the amount of informational support available. Review our complete methodology below.

  • Everlywell – Best Overall At-Home Food Allergy Test
  • HomeDNA – Best Detailed At-Home Food Allergy Test Results Report
  • Allergy Test – Best Range of At-Home Food Allergy Tests
  • Wellnicity – Best At-Home Food Allergy Tests with Clinical Follow-Up
  • 5Strands – Best Budget At-Home Food Allergy Test Options

II. Reviews of the Top At-Home Food Allergy Tests


Food Allergy Test

Everlywell is a highly reviewed company providing more than 30 different at-home medical tests. Its line of testing products includes two food sensitivity testing kits. The Food Sensitivity Test ($159) looks for IgG reactions to 96 foods. For a wider panel, the Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test ($259) analyzes IgG antibody responses to 204 foods.

The IgG reactivity level is rated on a zero to three class scale—from normal reactivity to high reactivity. The higher the class rating, the more chance that the identified food is causing food sensitivity symptoms. Everlywell’s food sensitivity tests cannot diagnose celiac disease or lactose intolerance.

Accepted payments include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Health Saving Account or Flexible Spending Account cards. Once you complete your order, Everlywell ships your test kit by mail. Follow the enclosed instructions to provide a finger-prick blood sample. Return the kit in the prepaid shipping envelope.

Everlywell food sensitivity IgG testing is performed in a CLIA-certified lab. Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments certification is a CMS accreditation for human specimen testing labs to ensure quality and safety. An independent board-certified physician from the test-taker’s state reviews and approves each test.

As a HIPAA compliant company, Everlywell encrypts and securely stores your test results and personal data with bank-grade security protocols. Your data is never sold. Test results arrive via email within five business days of receipt of your test kit.

Test results include a detailed report describing their meaning. You also get personalized recommendations for the next steps, such as how to proceed with an elimination diet to address symptoms and help identify potential food allergies.

An optional membership program provides access to one eligible low-cost test per month ($49-$99) and a 20% discount on other test kits. The monthly membership fee is $24.99.

Cost: $159-$259
Visit Everlywell: https://www.testing.com/go/everlywell-food-allergy-testing-at-home




Home DNA is an at-home genetic testing company offering test kits to help discover ancestry information, maternal and paternal lineage, along with drug, health, and beauty screening tests. The company also provides cat and dog DNA and health screening tests. Select HomeDNA testing kits are available in Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

The HomeDNA Food & Pet Sensitivity test kit ($139) applies DNA analysis practices to learn whether you may have genetic markers that suggest sensitivity to certain food groups and pet dander. It tests for sensitivity in seven common categories—gluten, lactose, cow milk protein, eggs, peanuts, pet dander, and histamines. An eighth “other foods” area tests for common allergens such as soy, tree nuts, yeast, corn, fish, and shellfish. You can order this test kit online with free shipping. Note that it’s not available in New York and Maryland.

HomeDNA accepts PayPal, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your kit is mailed to you after order placement. Included instructions explain how to perform a cheek swab to collect your DNA sample and mail it in. There is a six-week turnaround for results. You’ll receive an email notification when your results are ready, and you can log into your secure online account to view your personalized results report.

Testing occurs at accredited laboratories. The lab analyzes more than 30 genetic markers that may indicate a predisposition for sensitivity to the eight key irritant groups. Your results include DNA details and a summary, plus dietary suggestions, lifestyle tips, and supplement recommendations. Website resource links direct you to additional information.

HomeDNA is HIPAA compliant. It does not sell your private data, including your DNA profile. Raw data is saved in your secure online account. However, you can ask the company to destroy it at any time.

Cost: $139
Visit HomeDNA: https://homedna.com/


Allergy Test


Allergy Test is an international at-home testing company headquartered in the United Kingdom, operating under its parent company, Healthy Stuff Online Ltd. You can order at-home urine or Vitamin D health tests, bioresonance analysis, food intolerance, and food allergy testing kits from them online. Pet testing is also available.

Food insensitivity and intolerance testing are available through bioresonance hair sample testing. Four testing kits for humans are available—Essentials Test ($47) for 300 items; Premier Test ($65) for 800 items; Couples test ($105) for two people and 800 items; and the Family Test ($190) for four people and 800 items.

Allergy Test uses the Bruce Copen Labs MARS III Quantum Response Systems for the bioresonance food sensitivity testing. BCL is certified as a medical product manufacturer in compliance with European Medical Devices Directive AC:2007, and the equipment meets EMDD 93/42/EEC.

Allergy and intolerance blood screening tests are also available from Allergy Test. The Allergy Screen ($125) screens for IgE antibodies against 35 items. The Intolerance Screen ($145) uses IgG4 reactions to test for 63 items. Choice 70 ($185) applies IgE and IgG4 testing to identify allergies and intolerance for 70 common irritants, while Prime 110 ($235) does the same for 110 items. Allergy Test at-home food sensitivity and allergy testing kits screen for possible gluten intolerance. However, they do not test for celiac disease.

You pay shipping costs to their Florida mailing address, and they forward your sample to their ISO 9000 certified UK testing facility. Results take seven to 10 working days after receipt. Total turnaround time can take up to three weeks. A Fast Track upgrade is available promising results within 48 hours of test sample receipt in the UK. Allergy Test accepts PayPal, credit cards, or debit cards.

Cost: $65-$235
Visit Allergy Test: https://allergytest.co/




Wellnicity promotes a comprehensive four-step plan to match users with the right test, get results, speak with a clinician, and embrace a wellness plan. An online health quiz is the first step of this process. You must provide your name and email to view the results. Alternatively, you can browse products by concern—such as focus and memory, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, or cravings and weight issues—or shop products directly.

There are three at-home food sensitivity testing kits. The basic kit ($119) tests 44 foods. A mid-level sensitivity test ($189) analyzes 90 foods, and the top-level kit ($299) tests for 180 food sensitivities. Pricing includes the test kit, lap processing, a customized report detailing your results, lifestyle and nutrition suggestions, and a clinician consultation.

Dry blood samples from finger pricks are used to perform IgG antibody testing. Wellnicity uses the Enzyme Immunoassay method. Reactions to IgG Type II antibodies can take three hours to three days. A 50:50 mix of cooked and raw proteins are used in the assay to capture as many potential food sensitivity reactions as possible. Free shipping via USPS is available on orders over $50.

You receive results in about three to nine business days after Wellnicity receives your sample. Clinicians are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., CST. Accepted payments include major credit cards, debit cards, and some HSA/FSA cards. These at-home food sensitivity tests are not available in New York.

Wellnicity also manufactures supplements and encourages their use for symptoms identified by their testing with personalized daily wellness packs. The company doesn’t sell your personal information. Wellness uses an FDA-registered, CLIA-certified manufacturing facility.

Cost: $119-$299
Visit Wellnicity: https://www.wellnicity.com/


5Strands Affordable Testing


5Strands Affordable Testing offers at-home test kits for humans, dogs, cats, and horses, using bioresonance testing technology. They also have Blue Green Algae test kits.

Their food allergy tests include a Food Intolerance Test ($72), a Food Intolerance 2-Pack ($108), and a Food Intolerance & Nutrition Test Combo ($89). There’s also a stand-alone Nutrition Test ($46) that’s designed to help identify minerals and other nutrients that your body is having trouble absorbing. Standard, Deluxe, and Combo packages are available and include a variety of multiple tests at discounted pricing over a la carte options.

5Strands at-home food intolerance and nutrition test kits require 10 to 12 strands of your hair to perform bioresonance testing. This approach uses specialized equipment to scan hair strands and create energy profiles. The process looks for intolerances or temporary energetic imbalances that suggest a potential food sensitivity. Their food intolerance kit tests for 139 sensitivities.

US shipping charges apply when you buy your kit. You also pay the postage to return your sample. Testing takes seven to 10 days. You receive your results via email. Online access on the 5Strands portal is also available. Your report includes a “How to Interpret” sheet to help you understand your testing outcomes. Results also come with instant diet elimination guidelines customized to your bioresonance responses.

Case studies of 5Strands’ clients provide more information about the testing process, interpreting results, and using the information to enhance health and wellness. In addition, 5Strands cites documented research supporting the bioresonance field of testing through electromagnetics.

5Strands accepts all major credit or debit cards, Paypal, Amazon, and eBay. They suggest you contact your HSA and FSA account provider to learn if they cover at-home testing kits. Encryption technology and password-protected account access are used to protect your information.

Cost: $46-$89
Visit 5Strands Affordable Testing: https://www.5strands.com/

III. How We Chose the Best At-Home Food Allergy Tests

We looked at key features that help safeguard privacy, support safety, and provide useful information to help people explore their potential food allergies and sensitivities.

Services Offered

Providing varying testing options gives you more choice and flexibility. Therefore, we selected a range of companies whose food allergy or food sensitivity tests encompass four main methods to pick from.

Certifications and Lab Safety

Accuracy, safety, and secure test samples and results are vital considerations for any at-home medical test. That’s why we reviewed lab policies and testing processes to prioritize companies that embrace the highest levels of testing, data security, and safety protocols.

Professional Support

Because food allergy and sensitivity test results can generate more questions than answers, we looked at the amount of information and support. Available FAQs, case studies, resource links, and detailed test results reports are some of the features we focused on. This informational support can help you better understand what your test results mean and how you can use the information to enhance health and wellness. Plus, follow-up with dieticians, nutritionists, and other clinicians is a valuable bonus with one of our choices.

IV. At-Home Food Allergy Testing FAQs

What is at-home food allergy testing?

At-home food allergy testing provides you with a finger-prick blood test that you perform at home. Food allergies typically trigger an immediate allergic response from your immune system, generating IgE (immunoglobulin E) antibodies. So, when you return your blood sample to the testing company by mail, its lab tests for IgE production in response to a panel of foods. The presence of IgE may indicate an allergy.

Most at-home testing companies offer food sensitivity testing rather than true food allergy testing. Food sensitivity or food intolerance impacts your digestive system, often with a delayed reaction. At-home food sensitivity blood tests look for IgG (immunoglobulin) antibodies.

Some food sensitivity testing relies on DNA markers to identify a genetic predisposition for intolerance to some food groups. Genetic food intolerance tests use cheek swabs or saliva samples to perform DNA tests. Finally, at-home testing companies apply bioresonance technology to test hair follicles for food intolerances or sensitivities.

Is at-home food allergy testing effective?

IgE at-home food allergy testing can be highly effective in identifying foods that may trigger an immune system reaction. However, allergic reactions can range from mild to severe and life-threatening. Check with your doctor first if you have severe allergies to certain substances.

Food sensitivity and food intolerance at-home testing may be a helpful tool in uncovering potential food issues. However, neither bioresonance nor IgG testing has been scientifically proven to test for food intolerance or sensitivity reliably and accurately. So use these tests with caution and as a first step in discovering what foods may be causing gastroenterological distress or other health issues. Follow-up with a dietician, nutritionist, or other medical professionals to get a more accurate big picture for better health and wellness.

What are the benefits of at-home food allergy testing?

At-home testing is a convenient option for people who don’t have easy access to a clinician. This may be due to medically underserved areas, distance, schedules, and privacy concerns. At-home food allergy and sensitivity testing helps you take control of your health. Food allergy tests provide vital information about the foods you must avoid. Moreover, test results for food sensitivities and intolerance can be used with strategic food elimination diets to track your body’s response to potential problem foods.

How much does at-home food allergy testing cost?

With so many companies offering food allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance at-home testing, pricing varies greatly. But the range is roughly $46 to $300, depending on the type of test you order, the method the company uses, and the number of foods tested on the lab panel.