I. Best At-Home Herpes Test

Best At-Home Herpes Tests BadgeWhen researching at-home herpes test providers, we specifically looked for the following important features to those seeking confidential herpes testing, such as cost, FDA-approval, and privacy. Learn more about the criteria we used to arrive at our list of the best at-home herpes tests below.

II. Reviews of the Top At-Home Herpes Tests



From general wellness, such as vitamin and cholesterol checks, to sexual health tests, LetsGetChecked’s various at-home test kits help make keeping tabs on your health convenient and private. In addition to the at-home herpes test, which checks for both type 1 and 2 herpes simplex viruses, LetsGetChecked offers various standalone and bundled at-home STD tests.

A urine sample or vaginal swab may be required if you opt for a bundled STD test. For the standalone herpes test, a blood sample is necessary. A simple finger prick obtains this, and all materials needed to collect the sample are included in the at-home herpes test kit. LetsGetChecked is committed to confidentiality, privacy, and convenience, which is why test kits are shipped for free in discreet packaging.

LetsGetChecked uses only CLIA-certified labs with a documented commitment to high-quality standards and HIPAA-compliant processes. Once the lab receives your sample, results are sent via secure email within five business days. If you receive a positive result, you’ll have access to a supportive medical team to discuss the next steps.

Shipping is included in the cost of any test purchased from LetsGetChecked, and repeat testing is available to rule out the possibility of a false positive. Consumers who plan to stay vigilant with their sexual health can acquire significant savings through the company’s subscription option.

Cost: $119-$349



myLab Box

To simplify the process of getting health-related lab results in the privacy of your home, MyLAB Box offers at-home testing for everything from common STDs for a single person at $79-$369 to STD testing kits for couples at $499. MyLAB Box also sells at-home testing kits for women’s and men’s fertility ranging from $31.99 to $299, drug and toxicology tests from $49 to $69, and general health tests for everything from anemia to heavy metals from $59 to $299.

For some STD tests, including the at-home herpes test, a blood sample is required from a quick finger prick. The discreetly packaged testing kit is shipped directly to you in plain wrapping to preserve your privacy. All test kits include instructions for collecting your sample, easy-to-use materials, and a prepared return label. The entire collection process takes five minutes or less and doesn’t require a physician consult.

MyLAB Box uses only CLIA-certified labs to analyze test specimens, ensuring the process adheres to strict quality standards and is HIPAA-compliant. Results are available via secured encrypted email in as few as two days after the lab receives the sample. Individuals who receive a positive result have the option to schedule a complimentary consultation with a physician to discuss their results and next steps.

As an FDA-registered company, MyLAB Box accepts HSA or FSA funds as payment for at-home herpes and STD tests. Additionally, the company accepts credit and debit cards as payment.

Cost: $79-$499


Private iDNA


Private iDNA is committed to ensuring consumers have access to confidential, reliable sexual health testing kits. In addition to the standalone at-home herpes test for $78, Private iDNA offers test bundles that screen for other common STDs, including HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis, from $158 to $298.

STD testing kits from Private iDNA are shipped free to your home in a discreet, plain package to preserve your privacy. For all tests that screen for herpes antibodies, a blood sample is required. Private iDNA’s at-home herpes test includes all the materials needed to perform a finger stick in the privacy of your home and comes with easy-to-understand instructions.

Once your sample is complete, use the included return label to send your specimen to Private iDNA’s CLIA-certified lab for analysis. This FDA-approved at-home herpes test adheres to all HIPAA privacy laws, and lab evaluation is conducted under strict quality standards. Test results are delivered via secure email in as little as one business day after received by the lab.

Private iDNA is one of the few at-home herpes test providers that accept ShopPay, GooglePay, and PayPal. In the event of a positive result, consumers have access to a retest to rule out a false positive. Because there’s an incubation period of two to 12 days, customers may choose to subscribe for quarterly monitoring of their sexual health status.

Cost: $78-$298
Visit Private iDNA: https://www.idna.com/product/herpes


STD Rapid Testing Kit


STD Rapid Testing Kit offers standalone herpes type 2 tests for $29 and the Complete STD Rapid Test Kit Pack for $109, which screens for seven different common STDs. Unlike other at-home herpes tests we’ve reviewed, the STD Rapid Testing Kit for herpes doesn’t need to be sent to a lab. Tests require only a drop of blood and deliver results in just 15 minutes.

The STD Rapid Testing Kit is delivered to your home in discreet packaging to enhance privacy and maintain confidentiality. Tests meet the Medical Device Standard (ISO 13485) and are Good Manufacturing Practice certified, lending credibility to the test’s accuracy and fulfillment of quality standards. Each test comes with easy-to-understand instructions, and the specimen collection process takes just a few minutes.

Although the STD Rapid Testing Kit for herpes is not assessed in a lab, it’s used by health professionals worldwide. It has been evaluated by certified labs to attest to its accuracy. Though the incubation period for herpes is two to 12 days, this test is recommended if you were exposed at least four weeks prior and are having symptoms.

This at-home herpes test is available at a flat rate and doesn’t involve insurance, which means results will not be on your personal health record. Payment for the STD Rapid Testing Kit’s at-home herpes test can be made via credit or debit card.

Cost: $29-$109
Visit STD Rapid Testing Kit: https://www.stdrapidtestkits.com/herpes-rapid-test-kit#herpes-2-accuracy


Health Testing Centers


Offering both at-home herpes tests and in-lab STD tests, Health Testing Centers is a trusted source for standalone and complete STD testing. It sells three at-home herpes test kits. The standalone Herpes Type 2 test ($89) is the most cost-effective for those looking to test specifically for this STD. Individuals who want a broader picture of their STD status have the option to purchase the Completed STD Test Kit ($199) or the Total STD Test Kit ($349), which screens for seven common STDs, respectively.

Designed for men and women, the at-home herpes test kits require a blood sample to detect herpes antibodies. For those who purchase a complete STD test kit, a urine sample or vaginal swab may be necessary. Health Testing Centers ships test kits discreetly via USPS, complete with a return shipping label and specimen collection instructions.

Once received, lab samples are analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab with strict adherence to safety, quality, and privacy laws, including HIPAA. A physician contacts individuals who receive a positive test to discuss the results.

Health Testing Centers offers a flat-rate price with no surprise fees or costs. The company accepts credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. If customers change their minds about testing before sending their samples to the lab, Health Testing Centers offers a full refund minus $25 to cover the kit and shipping costs.

Cost: $89-$349
Visit Health Testing Centers: https://www.healthtestingcenters.com/at-home-std/

III. How We Chose the Best At-Home Herpes Test

We arrived at our top five at-home herpes test companies by evaluating them on the characteristics consumers care about the most. We know patients desire privacy and confidentiality regarding their sexual health. They also want a reliable service that is easy to access and convenient to use.

Services offered

Consumers typically choose at-home testing instead of traditional testing for convenience. When it comes to STD testing, it’s also important to know that a service provider is committed to maintaining your privacy while delivering quality service. These companies offer discreet testing kits designed to be user friendly, professional health care support, and various ways to access help, including live chat, email, phone, and text messaging.

Certifications and lab safety

The accuracy of test results is paramount for consumers. This is why we chose at-home herpes test providers committed to delivering highly accurate results while maintaining compliance with HIPAA privacy laws. We prioritized companies that use CLIA and CAP-certified labs with high-quality standards. We also noted which companies offer FDA-cleared testing kits.

Professional support

In addition to the accuracy and breadth of service delivered, we focused our results on companies dedicated to a positive customer experience. This includes offering professional health care support from skilled doctors and nurses. In the event of a positive result, it’s important to have the assistance of health care professionals who can provide education and guidance.

IV. At-Home Herpes Test FAQs

What is at-home herpes testing?

The herpes simplex virus type 2, often referred to as genital herpes, is a common sexually transmitted disease that can lead to painful blisters and sores in the groin area. Traditionally, obtaining a test for herpes required one or more visits to a doctor, lab work, sexual health counseling, and waiting a week or more to learn the results. At-home herpes testing eliminates dipping into your household budget to accommodate multiple office visits. In most cases, results are delivered within five business days once the lab receives your sample.

Is at-home herpes testing effective?

At-home herpes test kits are reliable and easy to perform and are just as effective as traditional herpes testing. All test kits come with the materials needed to collect and package the sample, including straightforward instructions. The sample collection process takes just minutes, and the completed specimen is mailed to the lab. The analysis is conducted in CLIA-certified labs with strict quality control measures and adherence to HIPAA privacy laws. As with any lab-based test, there’s always the possibility of a false-positive result, which is why most companies offer a retest if your result is positive.

What are the benefits of at-home herpes testing?

An individual’s sexual health status is immensely important. Unfortunately, the traditional process of seeing a doctor, making multiple appointments, and waiting for results to be read in-person isn’t ideal. With at-home herpes test kits, all the materials you need are delivered to your door in discreet packaging. After completing the test, your sample is conveniently mailed to the lab. Avoid surprise fees and receive your results in as little as three business days after the lab reviews your sample. Results are delivered securely, and physician support for positive results is available in most cases.

How much does an at-home herpes test cost?

At-home herpes tests are available for flat, transparent rates with zero hidden fees. Because you don’t need to visit a physician for consultation, at-home herpes tests are highly cost-effective. A standalone HSV 2 test may cost as little as $29 but generally priced up to $89. Some companies also offer complete STD test kits that screen for three to 10 common STDs. These comprehensive test kits range from $109 to $349. Most at-home herpes test kits include the cost of medical support, two-way shipping, and securely delivered results. Many at-home STD tests are eligible for FSA or HSA payment.