I. Best At-Home HPV Testing

Best At-Home HPV Tests BadgeTo determine which companies offer the best at-home HPV testing, we reviewed the top companies supplying at-home STD testing services. We specifically researched the top three concerns patients have when choosing an at-home HPV test: FDA approval, the turnaround time for results, and whether patients receive physician support throughout the process. Review our complete list of criteria below.

  • LetsGetChecked – Best Overall At-Home HPV Test
  • Nurx – Best Insurance-Eligible At-Home HPV Test
  • Everlywell – Best Affordable At-Home HPV Test
  • MyLAB Box – Best FSA/HSA Eligible At-Home HPV Test
  • Private iDNA – Best At-Home HPV Test for Couples

II. Reviews of the Top At-Home HPV Tests



LetsGetChecked is an online service offering a variety of sexual and physical health testing services. In addition to at-home HPV tests for women, LetsGetChecked offers the Complete 10 test that covers 10 of the most common STDs ($349), the Standard 5 ($149), which tests for HIV and four more STDs, and the Herpes test ($119). The company also offers tests for vitamin levels, thyroid deficiencies, testosterone, and a range of wellness labs.

Testing kits for HPV are sent to your home discreetly at zero additional cost. Collect the sample by obtaining a cervical swab. Once complete, mail the sample using the included return label. Results are received securely via email within five business days. Each lab result is reviewed by a physician licensed to provide services in your state. If you receive a positive result, you will receive a call from experienced medical staff to review your next steps.

All specimens are analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab with strict adherence to HIPAA privacy laws for your protection. Should you or your medical support team have concerns about your results, a re-test is available.

LetsGetChecked accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and FSA/HSA funds as payment to enhance access to testing services.

Cost: $89




Nurx is an FDA-cleared online service committed to the early detection, prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), migraines, and women’s health issues. In addition to at-home HPV tests, Nurx offers birth control, emergency contraception, broad STD testing, and treatment for migraines and herpes. Some tests are designed for both women and men, while others, like the at-home HPV test, are designed for women.

The at-home HPV test requires patients to conduct a cervical swab in the privacy of their homes. Patients have the option of paying out of pocket without insurance at the cost of $79, while those with insurance pay $49 for the test. This does not include the mandatory, non-refundable consultation fee of $15 before being approved for an at-home HPV test kit.

Once approved to test for HPV at home, patients are mailed the test kit in discreet packaging. The kit comes with easy-to-understand instructions and is backed by medical team support via unlimited messaging. Shipping to and from your home is free, and the test kit comes with a pre-printed return label for your convenience.

Tests are evaluated in a CLIA-certified lab, and the entire process is HIPAA-compliant for your privacy. Receive results via a unique tracking link in as little as three business days. Discuss the test and/or the test results with Nurx’s medical team at no additional cost.

Cost: $49-$79
Visit Nurx: https://www.nurx.com/hpv-screening/




Everlywell is an online medical test provider focused on a wide variety of health issues for women and men. In addition to at-home HPV tests for women and STD test kits, Everlywell offers at-home test kits to screen for food allergies, heavy metals, Lyme disease, thyroid issues, and sexual health conditions.

Offering exclusive discounts to subscribers, Everlywell prices for at-home HPV tests are the most affordable at $24.99 for members and $49 for non-members. Test kits are mailed discreetly to your address with complimentary shipping each way. Use the kit to collect a cervical swab before repackaging the sample and returning it with the included return label.

All lab tests are conducted in a CLIA-certified lab, and Everlywell’s process maintains your privacy while adhering to HIPAA laws. Results from at-home HPV tests are received within five business days via secure email. If you have questions regarding the test or your results, Everlywell’s physician support team is available to help.

Everlywell is committed to fast, accurate testing and encourages users to share their results with their physician. Because results are delivered electronically, and tests are affordable, the at-home HPV test is an accessible option for women seeking both convenience and privacy. At-home test kits are HSA and FSA eligible, and the company accepts PayPal, credit, and debit cards as well.

Cost: $24.99-$49



myLab Box

An online provider of in-home testing kits, MyLAB Box is an FDA-registered entity serving the needs of men, women, and couples. In addition to HPV and STD tests ($79-$499), MyLAB Box offers tests for general health ($59-$299), drugs and toxicology ($49-$69), and fertility ($31.99-$299). The goal of MyLAB Box is to aid in the prevention and early detection of serious health conditions.

MyLAB Box makes at-home testing kits available in all 50 U.S. states and has the distinction of being the first to do so. The at-home HPV test from MyLAB Box features complimentary two-way shipping and simple sample collection instructions. The HPV test requires users to obtain a cervical swab that can be completed in minutes and mail the specimen to the lab with the included return label.

Lab specimens are analyzed in CLIA and CAP-certified labs with strict privacy and quality measures in place. Once the specimen is received, you will get your results via secure email within 2-5 business days. Everyone who tests positive for HPV receives complimentary medical consultations to discuss the results and next steps.

Accessing at-home test kits is as easy as using your favorite streaming service. Simply sign up, enter your information, and order your test. MyLAB Box accepts credit, debit, and HSA/FSA funds as payment.

Cost: $79


Private iDNA


Specializing in at-home testing kits for STDs, Private iDNA offers standalone STD tests for the most common conditions ($78-$88) or bundled kits that test for up to 9 different STDs ($108-$298). As the only at-home HPV test kit on our list designed for use by both men and women, Private iDNA’s at-home HPV kit is a convenient option for individuals and couples.

Testing kits are shipped discreetly to your home, and the company covers the cost of shipping both ways. A urine sample is required for males to test for HPV, while females will need to take a vaginal swab. Test kit instructions are easy to understand and included with each kit. Regardless of gender, completing your lab sample at home takes five minutes or less.

Samples are sent directly to the company’s CLIA and CAP-certified lab, and the complete process is designed to maintain your privacy. Private iDNA also offers a free retest if your results are positive. This FDA-approved testing service delivers results in as little as one business day when you choose Priority Mail Express at check out.

Private iDNA’s at-home test kits are 99% accurate, and results are delivered securely in a matter of days. Forms of payment accepted include PayPal, ShopPay, and GooglePay.

Cost: $88
Visit Private iDNA: https://www.idna.com/product/hpv

III. How We Chose the Best At-Home HPV Test

We evaluated the top at-home HPV testing companies by reviewing the features consumers care about most. We chose companies that emphasize reliability, security, and breadth of testing applications as a core value during our review.

Services Offered

A top priority among consumers is the ability to maintain privacy and access convenient testing services. We chose at-home HPV tests offered by companies committed to delivering discreet, easy to use testing kits and secure communication between consumers and health professionals.

Certifications and Lab Safety

We noted which companies use CLIA and/or CAP-certified labs and offer FDA-cleared testing kits during our review process. We also chose online at-home HPV test providers that adhere to HIPAA laws and take advanced measures to protect privacy.

Professional Support

We understand that a positive STD result can cause confusion and heighten anxiety. We specifically looked for companies that make it simple to access health counseling in the event results are positive and offer multiple ways to connect consumers to medical support, which is an important part of the treatment process.

IV. At-Home HPV Test FAQs

What is at-home HPV testing?

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and typically has no symptoms. The lack of symptoms makes it easy to overlook an HPV diagnosis, which places an individual at risk of certain types of cancer. At-home HPV testing is an alternative to in-office or lab-based testing services for high-risk HPV strains. Testing involves obtaining a vaginal or cervical swab (for females) or a urine sample (for males). During lab analysis, tests are analyzed for high-risk (or cancer-causing) strains of HPV. Results are delivered securely within five business days in most cases. The majority of at-home HPV testing companies connect consumers with medical support in the event of a positive result.

Is at-home HPV testing effective?

At-home HPV testing is just as effective as traditional HPV testing, provided consumers follow the included instructions and send their specimens to the lab in a timely manner. Reputable at-home testing companies use CLIA and CAP-certified labs that maintain adherence to strict quality and privacy measures. A discreet, time-saving way to obtain reliable results, at-home HPV testing is both effective and convenient. Test results are confidential and, while you may be encouraged to share your results with your healthcare provider, will never be released unless you choose. Because false positives can occur, most companies offer a complimentary re-test to validate the results.

What are the benefits of at-home HPV testing?

Unlike scheduling an in-person office visit or waiting weeks for lab results, at-home HPV testing is convenient, private, and accurate. Receive your test kit privately in the mail and send it to the lab free of charge. Because at-home HPV test kits require only a vaginal/cervical swab or urine sample, the collection process takes just a few minutes. Keep your schedule on track, don’t miss school or work, and avoid hidden fees or surprise costs with flat-rate at-home HPV testing kits. In most cases, you can use your FSA or HSA funds to pay for the test kit, so you don’t need to disrupt your budget.

How much does an at-home HPV test cost?

HPV tests conducted at home are much more cost-effective than traditional HPV tests since you don’t need to have one or more physician visits and are not responsible for laboratory cost shares. Standalone at-home HPV tests are available for as little as $24.99 for a single test but typically range from $49-$89. Most online service providers who offer at-home testing kits also offer bundled tests that may include the HPV test. This is an efficient way to obtain results for many STD tests at once without the need for multiple specimen collections or office visits. Results delivery, medical support, and shipping are included in the test kit cost.