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US Testing

594.38MTotal Tests
45.90MPositive Tests
6.12%7-Day % Positivity

US Cases

111,707New Cases
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Testing doesn’t need to be scary or complicated. From food allergies to fertility, makes at-home testing easy by providing you with in-depth health testing guides and resources. It should be simple for you to determine which tests you need to make the best health decisions.

How Lab Testing Can Help You Make Better Health Decisions

Most people don’t have the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions. Testing can help you bridge that gap and devise a plan for better health.

    1. Pre-screen for health issues

    Lab tests are designed to screen and identify specific indicators of certain illness and diseases. Other tests can provide general health information that can help you have more control over your personal health. For instance, a glucose test can help you determine if your blood levels are in a healthy range and can help monitor and diagnose diabetes.

    2. Continually monitor your health

    Managing and monitoring any existing conditions is crucial to making sure you stay healthy. Conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol that require constant monitoring can mean frequent doctor visits. At-home tests can help you keep track of your health and reduce the number of costly doctor visits.

    3. Gain control over your health care

    Having more control of your personal health and wellness is not only extremely convenient, it allows you to make decisions that benefit your health. For instance, if you know you have a mild food allergy, you can simply stay away from that food instead of wondering why you always get rashes and redness when you eat at the Italian restaurant down the street.

    4. Conveniently get the information you need

    Home lab tests allow you to order tests when you need them. Instead of waiting for a doctor’s appointment, you can get tested on your own terms and immediately make choices based on the information you receive.

Increased Testing Leads to Increased Prevention of Serious Complications and Better Health

In the United States, 50% of adults have a chronic illness. Health monitoring can help you become aware of indicators that lead to major health complications.


47.5% of people who think they have allergies get tested.


Only 12% of sexually active people ever get tested for STIs or STDs.


38% of people diagnosed with diabetes do not monitor their glucose levels.

STD Testing in Your Area

We’ve compiled a directory of STD testing locations for all major cities along with information about local STD trends and statistics. Click on a city below to find STD testing near you.