This article was last modified on recognizes the contributions of laboratory professionals and other essential members of the health care team, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants and many others. We have curated several resources here so that you can quickly access information that is designed with health professionals in mind.

Lab Medicine Resources for the Health Professional

Laboratory testing technology has made great strides in the ability to detect disease and help guide treatment decisions. With this progress, however, lab testing has become more complex and specialized. If you are a medical professional, can serve as a quick reference tool or as a resource for keeping up with advances in laboratory science. The information on this site can facilitate consultations between health care providers and the laboratory professionals who provide the lab services.

  • Find hundreds of testing articles on a variety of analytes using the Test Index, or input the name of a test into the search box at the top of the web page.
  • Learn about LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes), the world’s most widely used terminology standard for health measurements, observations, and documents. The purpose is to assist in the electronic exchange and gathering of clinical results, including laboratory tests.
  • Visit Optimal Testing Recommendations from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) for information on commonly misused tests. This important resource is geared toward medical professionals and provides evidence-based recommendations on the clinical utility of select laboratory tests.

Share this Testing Resource with Patients

Health care providers can share the valuable testing information found here with patients by linking to the site from their health care websites or patient portals. View our policy on linking. Alternatively, individual articles can be printed and distributed to patients. Use the printer icon located at the top of each article to create printed copies.

View Patient Resources for a list of articles that may be helpful to your patients on topics such as how to read a lab report, what reference ranges mean, informed medical decision-making, laboratory methods, and more.

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