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At Testing.com, our mission is to make personal health information accessible to everyone and empowering all of us to take control of our own health. By providing in-depth guides and comprehensive resources, we hope to help individuals and families make the well-informed health decisions.

Launched in 2018, Testing.com is the number one source for at-home testing and lab testing information and resources. We realize that it’s difficult to understand your health and make decisions without having the right information in your hands. We’ve provided millions of families with the information they need and empowering them to make the best decisions.

Testing.com has the most extensive collection of at-home testing and lab testing data on the web. We’re not only about data. We realize that everyone is different and everyone’s experiences are unique. Because of this, we have talked to countless people and families to understand what their true pain points about their personal health are and how they’re dealing with it in their everyday lives. We also work with health care and lab experts to understand what they think consumers should know and how to best to empower themselves to make the best health decisions.

Free from financial obligations to investors, Testing.com delivers testing information that you can trust. We deliver in-depth information that puts testing into context in people’s lives.

Testing.com is produced by a team of writers and experts that are passionate about delivering accurate, fact-checked, user-focused information that will help people make good decisions.

We do NOT accept and host advertisements for testing labs or companies.

Testing.com does not accept advertising. We don’t have a corporate sponsor. We rely on private funding to pay for our operation

Testing.com is privately funded by individuals and groups that are passionate about enabling people to make good health decisions.

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