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Everlywell and LetsGetChecked offer convenient at-home tests you can buy online or in local pharmacies, and they both deliver fairly fast results. Everlywell sells a wide range of food sensitivity tests that LetsGetChecked doesn’t, but LetsGetChecked has more overall wellness panels such as cholesterol and iron testing.

I. Which is best? Everlywell vs. LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked was founded in Dublin in 2014. Since then, it has completed more than 2 million tests. The company partners with CVS and Garmin Health and has its own lab in California. Everlywell was launched in 2015 and secured a line of credit via the show Shark Tank in 2017. It partners with Helix to venture into DNA-based products for food sensitivity and other tests.

Both of these companies now offer COVID-19 testing. Testing kits may be a bit pricey, and results may not be as accurate as in-person testing, due in part to issues with collecting specimens. Read on to find out more about each company and which tests might be right for you.

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How Everlywell and LetsGetChecked stack up

Compare Everlywell and LetsGetChecked to other popular testing brands:

Methodology: Ratings are based on trust, cost, convenience, and comprehensive service. All test options use CLIA certified labs. Cost ratings are based on affordability compared to other testing options and insurance acceptance. Convenience is rated on the results time and testing location. Comprehensive service rates the number of available tests and the opportunity for physician support. Overall rating is an unweighted average of all rating factors.

II. Pros and Cons of LetsGetChecked

What we like about LetsGetChecked:

  • Board-certified physicians to order and review tests.
  • Discreet and easy home testing.
  • CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs for accuracy of results.
  • Provides a UPS or DHL package for shipping to help reduce sample transit time.

The drawbacks of LetsGetChecked:

  • Home testing can lead to specimen collection errors that cause inaccurate or invalid results.
  • Does not offer testing for people under age 18.
  • Will not ship tests to Rhode Island or New Jersey.

III. Pros and Cons of Everlywell

What we like about Everlywell:

  • CLIA-certified labs for accuracy of results.
  • Discreet and easy home testing.
  • Can order straight from Everlywell or through other retailers, including Amazon.
  • Physician Network to ensure tests can be ordered to meet state requirements.
  • Membership program lets you get access to one test a month at a lower price point.

The drawbacks of Everlywell:

  • Not all tests are available in New York state.
  • No testing for minors.
  • Home testing can lead to specimen collection errors that cause inaccurate or invalid results.

IV. What Do Everlywell and LetsGetChecked Offer?

Both companies supply at-home wellness and medical testing, including COVID-19, STD and some health panels. LetsGetChecked tends to concentrate more on health tests and even has some screening tests for kidney function, colon cancer, and ovarian health.

While Everlywell also sells some of these types of tests, much of its product line is dedicated to food sensitivity testing to help people understand personal nutrition and diet needs. Everlywell also offers a monthly program where you pay $24.99 per month and get access to one test up to $99 each month.

V. What Customers Say About LetsGetChecked

Positive reviews about LetsGetChecked

“Very efficient, easy, and much quicker than I expected. I ordered the Covid kit on Wednesday afternoon. It arrived on Thursday by 10:30 and my husband dropped it off at UPS later that afternoon. I got my results at just before midnight on Friday.”

“Arrived in discreetly packages. Testing was easy. The shipping packages were discreet. Results were ready 4 days later. Very easy process.”

Negative reviews about LetsGetChecked

“Paid $80.00 to determine if I have Hepatitis B… When the results came in the nurse said I was reactive and might or might not have Hepatitis B. Waste of time and money to tell me nothing.”

“Despite clearly following the instructions and marking the sample bag with the correct collection date and time, they included the wrong collection time on my report. I tried calling to get it corrected…I was relying upon for travel as that is how the product was marketed. End result is that I had to change my flight date and pay an additional fee to the airline to make it to my destination on the wrong day. Would not recommend.”

VI. What Customers Say About Everlywell

Positive reviews about Everlywell

“I was skeptical about the product at first, mainly because the reviews from scholarly articles don’t believe in IG mediated sensitivity testing. I am here to tell you this is real…Initially, I thought it was sensitivity to gluten and dairy, which are common. I started avoiding all gluten and dairy. However, my psoriasis would still flare when I didn’t eat gluten. It was so confusing that I decided to test it with Everlywell food sensitivity testing. My highest reactivity came out to be diary (which I suspected) and yeast! I highly recommend this test!”

“Test did everything that was promised in the timeline promised. I found the results very interesting as the essential staples of my diet showed up as 1 moderate (19) mild or (76) low reactivity.”

Negative reviews about Everlywell

“Unfortunately this test not only provided no clarity into my intolerances, as it came back negative to Lactose & Gluten, but also said I only have mild food sensitivities.”

“I got the results back and it said I was highly sensitive to brewer’s yeast and lobster.. that being said I am a beer snob and drink socially a couple times a week. The beers I drink of course have brewer’s yeast and no issues.”

VII. Everlywell vs. LetsGetChecked Bottom Line

Both companies offer at-home testing with emphasis on slightly different conditions and concerns. LetsGetChecked has potentially faster turnaround times, but it doesn’t have the food sensitivity testing. Everlywell can be slower but has better overall pricing. Neither company offers testing for minors.

LetsGetChecked may be a good choice if you’re in New York state or if you want faster turnaround times. Everlywell might be a good choice if you’re in New Jersey or Rhode Island, need food sensitivity testing or need to test on a regular basis, and can take advantage of the monthly program.