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LetsGetChecked was founded in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, and has operated in the United States since 2017. It provides home-based testing services that measure 50 biomarkers for insight into sexual health, men’s health, women’s health, and general wellness. myLAB Box was founded by entrepreneurs in California in 2013. It began as an STD testing service and has since branched out into other categories, including flu tests, wellness and nutrition, fertility and family planning, and drug and toxicology. Read on to learn more about what these testing providers offer, their advantages and disadvantages, and why we think myLAB Box is the better choice.


I. Which is best? LetsGetChecked vs. myLab Box

Brand Tests available Price range Physician support Results time Location Overall Rating
LetsGetChecked 30+ $69 to $349 Yes 2 to 5 business days Home 4.7/5
myLAB Box 40+ $32 to $499 Yes 1-5 business days Home 4.8/5
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LetsGetChecked and myLAB Box provide home testing services to support your health and wellness. While LetsGetChecked provides testing in more countries, myLAB Box offers a greater number of tests and extends services to those under age 18.

How LetsGetChecked vs. myLab Box stack up

Compare Everlywell and myLab Box to other popular testing brands:

Company Available tests Price range Insurance accepted Physician support Results time Location CLIA certified labs Overall rating
Everlywell 30+ $49.99 to $200 and up No Yes 5 days Home Yes 4.7 out of 5
HealthLabs 100+ $28 to $939 No Yes 1 to 2 business days Local lab Yes 4.7 out of 5
LetsGetChecked 30+ $69 to $349 No Yes 2 to 5 business days Home Yes 4.7 out of 5
MyLAB Box 40+ $32 to $499 No Yes 1 to 5 business days Home Yes 4.8 out of 5
Nurx 7 $30 to $220 Yes Yes 2 to 5 business days Home Yes 4.8 out of 5
Plushcare 30+ $99 annual membership plus visit fee; labs $5 each Yes Yes 3 to 5 business days Local lab Yes 4.7 out of 5
STDcheck 10+ $24 to $258 No Yes 1 to 2 business days Local lab Yes 4.5 out of 5

Methodology: Ratings are based on trust, cost, convenience, and comprehensive service. All test options use CLIA certified labs. Cost ratings are based on affordability compared to other testing options and insurance acceptance. Convenience is rated on the results time and testing location. Comprehensive service rates the number of available tests and the opportunity for physician support. Overall rating is an unweighted average of all rating factors.

II. Pros and Cons of LetsGetChecked

What we like about LetsGetChecked:

  • Options for individuals and corporate clients.
  • Provides testing for customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • As accurate as in-person testing at a lab.
  • Testing for 50 biomarkers.
  • Accepts many forms of payment, including FSAs and HSAs.

The drawbacks of LetsGetChecked:

  • Services aren’t available to those under age 18.
  • Doesn’t accept health insurance.

III. Pros and Cons of myLab Box

What we like about myLab Box:

  • Same-day physician consultations and prescriptions with positive STD tests.
  • Tests are available online and through retail partners.
  • Accepts payment from HSAs and FSAs.
  • Available to customers aged 14 and over without restrictions.
  • All mail-in kits are FDA-approved or validated by a lab affiliate.

The drawbacks of myLab Box:

  • Only fulfills orders for customers in the United States.
  • Doesn’t accept health insurance.

IV. What Do LetsGetChecked and myLab Box Offer?

LetsGetChecked and myLAB Box are similar in that they both provide in-home testing services without requiring you to get an order from your doctor or visit a lab. Both companies provide FDA-approved testing for the same quality and reliability you’d get by visiting a lab, and both provide physician support for positive results. LetsGetChecked provides service for clients in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, while myLAB Box is only available to clients in the United States. Neither company accepts insurance, but both take a variety of payment types, including FSAs and HSAs. myLAB Box offers about twice as many tests as LetsGetTested, but both test for typical concerns such as STDs, diabetes, cardiovascular health, and thyroid issues.

V. What Customers Say About LetsGetChecked

Positive reviews about LetsGetChecked

“Extremely quick results. I posted on Wednesday morning and got my results back Thursday afternoon.” 

“Everything was very straight forward. Taking the test was easy. Getting the kit and returning was also very easy.” 

“Fastest communication from any vendor I’ve ever worked with. Easy to order. Easy to take with comprehensive, easy to read instructions.” 

Negative reviews about LetsGetChecked

“Could not get results. this was a waste of time and money.” 

“Product and test were okay, but below average customer service experience.” 

“No offer of refund, just a terse note telling us to make an appointment with the doctor for an NHS test.” 

VI. What Customers Say About myLab Box

Positive reviews about myLAB Box

“The box came super fast, the directions were easy and straight forward.” 

“Very responsive and resolved my issues quickly. I will do business with them again!”  

“I love how private and accessible receiving the results are. I can go online, sign in, and check my results.”  

Negative reviews about myLAB Box

“I purchased a basic test and they sent me the wrong gender test. I emailed them and they said they would send a replacement yet never did.” 

“The HIV test was supposed to have an automated phone line to get the results. That is not the case, and I still don’t know my results.”  

“Never got my test results nor another test kit since they never received my first one with my samples.” 

VII. LetsGetChecked vs. myLab Box Bottom Line

LetsGetChecked and myLab Box provide convenient, private in-home testing for common illnesses, conditions, and infections. If you live in the United States, myLab Box may be a good option for you if you want a broader selection of tests to choose from. This company offers services to those aged 14 and over and accepts a variety of payment types. If you’re outside of the United States, LetsGetChecked is a better option because it’s available in more countries. However, this service is only available to adults ages 18 and over. Like myLab Box, LetsGetChecked doesn’t accept health insurance but does accept multiple payment forms, including FSAs and HSAs.